Software Engineer
Web Designer

Languages I know:

Golang, Java, NodeJS, Javascript, C/C++, Python, APEX and others...
Italian (Mother Tongue) and English (B2)

If you realize you have enough, you are truly rich.

Lao Tzu

What I do

Sep. 2018 - CURRENT

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consultant

@ Alpenite, Venice (IT)

As a Commerce Cloud consultant, I develop solutions that satisfy the Customer needs.
Mainly oriented on Backend tasks:

  • Integration of different technologies inside Commerce Cloud (such as, for example, Adyen, Avalara, Google Analytics, OMSs, CRMs, etc)
  • Mantainance and development of Business' critical section:
    • Order synchronization and propagation between systems
    • Last-minute Hotfixes
    • Asynchronous job creation
  • Handle the deploy of new functionalities to Production environment


Sep. 2018 - CURRENT

Master Degree in Computer Science

@ Ca' Foscari University, Venice (IT)

Curriculum: Software Dependability and Cybersecurity

What I learned:

  • Security: knowledge of the main software attacks and how to defeat them.
  • Software Performance and Scalability: how to benchmark software, how a blockchain network works.
  • Software Correctness, Security and Reliability: how to use Static Analysis Tools to inspect programs.
  • Information Retrieval and Web Search: how a search engine works and is built.
  • High Performance Computing: how to write performant code exploiting hardware (like GPU, cache memory, parallel CPU). Implementation of the A-Priori algorithm in C++ using OPENMP to manage Parallelism.

Sep. 2015 - Nov. 2018

Bachelor Degree in Informatics

@ Ca' Foscari University, Venice (IT)

Curriculum: Tecnologie e Scienze dell'informazione

What I learned:

  • Programming: functional programming in F#, C programming language
  • Object Oriented Programming: Java language
  • Databases: how a relational database works, postgres and PHP.
  • Web Intelligence: development of a content-based recommended system using mongoDB and Python.
  • Software Engineering: how to build software from a managerial point of view.
  • Simulation and Network Performance: simulation of a network protocol in Java and analyze the performance, Wireless security. Design of a Discrete Event Simulation.

Some of my projects

dualism. a minimal game

A simple mobile game built with C#, Unity and some beers. Available on Google Play.

Pass the bomb

A digital version of the board game "Pass the Bomb". Here's the repo and the apk